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3 day weight loss

3 Day Weight Loss: Miracle Herb Lets Woman Trim Down from 72 to 67 kilos!

Parsley is an herb that is often ignored. Not a lot of people know about its miraculous benefits to the body. Parsley is an herb known for its potent diuretic properties and is known for treating urinary tract infection and other similar and/or related problems. This property prevents water retention in the body. This woman found out about it  and her 3 day weight loss program started with this. How to prepare it? Watch the video now:


3 Day Weight Loss: Parsley

Parsley has properties that eliminates toxins, bacteria, and harmful substances from the body. It contains antioxidants that fights off free radicals and thus reduces the risks of developing grave illnesses such as cancer. Little does everyone know that parsley can also be used in a weight loss regimen. To do this, you will need, five chopped parsley stalks and one liter of water. How to Lose Weight in 3 Days? Here’s how, check it here:


Preparing Parsley for 3 Day Weight Loss Program

Put the chopped parsley stalks into the liter of boiling water. Then, Remove the pot from the heat. Next, Allow to percolate for twenty minutes. Make sure the parsley blends well with the water.

Strain the stalks away from the water. Finally, Drink the solution.

Make sure to drink only one liter of the solution for best results. Do not overconsume in a day as it may lead to health complications. Have you tried this weight loss regimen? How was it? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below.


home-made hair loss treatment

Effective Home-made Hair Loss Treatment for You!

Hair loss is one sign of aging that everyone doesn’t want to experience. People may look at us and deem us older or getting a beating in life. But, there are times that hair loss is caused by several factors such as lack of nutrients in our body and stress. Worrying about hairloss? Don’t fret! Add these ingredients and your hairloss problems will be solved! This is effective! Watch this video now!


Effective Home-made Hair Loss Treatment for You

Hair loss is attributable to a myriad of factors including stress, pregnancy, and menopause among others. Hair loss can be solved by just adding these two ingredients in your shampoo. Most of us are looking for cheap alternatives to hair-loss shampoos and others that may even harm our hair and scalp. Thus, we would like some natural home-made hair loss treatment that can really nurture our hair and won’t produce bad effects to our scalp.

First, buy a natural shampoo with neutral pH. Baby shampoo is recommended. Add rosemary essential oil and lemon essential oil. Rosemary oil heps increase bloodflow to the scalp and thus provide strength to the hair. On the other hand, lemon essential oil works as a great antiseptic and refreshes the hair and scalp. It is also recommended to add 2 capsules of vitamin E. Want to try it for yourself? Check out this video:


To formulate the solution, add 10 drops of rosemary oil and lemon oil into the neutral shampoo. Add 2 capsules of vitamin E. Shake well before using.

For effective usage, use the shampoo every other day. Make sure there is a day interval between usage. Apply the shampoo on the hair and gently massage it for a few minutes. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water.

The results are promisingly amazing. Do it for yourself and check out if you find this solution effective? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below!


wrinkle removal

Remove Wrinkles, Dark Spots with These Leaves! Amazing Effect!

Skin blemishes, in any of its form, affect the way one looks. As a consequence, it also diminishes one’s confidence. Natural remedy for wrinkles, acne, dark spots, and skin allergies? That’s what you’re looking for, right?  While there are a manifold of beauty products in the market, it can sometimes be too burdensome for one’s pockets. However, money will no longer be an issue with this natural homemade remedy for all those accursed skin blemishes. Watch full video on how to prepare this! Wrinkle removal? Read on:


Guava is a fruit that is common in the Philippines. Almost every locality there can always be a guava tree in sight. The following are some of the ways by which guava leaves can be used to remove skin blemishes:

Wrinkle Removal. Guave leaves contain anti-oxidants as well as anti-cancer properties that helps remove wrinkles.

Acne Removal. Guava leaves have antibacterial properties that help remove acne as per a study published in the American Journal of Chinese Medicine.

Skin Lightening. Guave leaves contain chemicals that is useful as a toning agent. As a consequence, dark spots and other blemishes are easily removed.

Cure Atopic Dermatitis. Guava leaves also has anti-allergic properties that prevent the creation and spread of histamines that cause allergic reactions.

To find out how to use guava leaves as effective skin health care agent, here’s what you need to do to achieve that perfect skin:


Just boil some guava leaves and use the water and rub it on the affected areas. It’s that simple! What do you think of the wonders of guava leaves? Share with us your thoughts by commenting below. Have you tried it for yourself? If not, then ask your dermatologist, and we’re sure they’ll recommend it for you as well.